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We will assume you've arrived at this page by searching for "great ways to make money" or "ways to make extra money online".  Perhaps you took it a step further and you want to know how to make a living online.  Well, we're here to help!

There are numerous companies out there offering a professional website design and the money making opportunities that go along with it.  They promise you a discount website with the moon and the stars.  Well, have you ever stopped to think how much the moon and the stars cost?  So, who's benefiting from their "money making opportunity"? 

The average cost of a website can be in the thousands and that's without providing you with products to place on your new website.  Now, if you already have products or if you are looking for a website for your services, please visit our Affordable Web Design page here.

Why choose us?  What sets us apart from the average web design company?  We are a family owned and operated business and we're trying to get by just like you.  We offer affordable web design services on a personal level.  We're not here to get rich quick (as you will verify with our prices).  We're here to help you learn how to earn more money as opposed to emptying your pockets before you even get started.

For pricing and a list of what's included with your new website, please click here or choose the product photo link below.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Orig. Price: $399.00

Sale Price: $199.00