About Us

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A little about us...

My husband and I are often asked:  "How did you come up with your company name?"  Well, the name of our company is solely credited to our 2 children... Kayla and Victoria.  KayToria was originally developed with the idea of selling a few items and making new friends along the way.  However, during development, we learned there were many of you wanting to know exactly how we got started in the e-commerce world.  So, we've decided to put it all in one place!

One of our main goals is to initiate and maintain a personal relationship with all of our customers.  There is nothing worse than handing over your hard-earned money to a business that clearly doesn't appreciate your patronage.

With that said, we have many years of experience with online sales and we are learning new things every day.  After all, that IS the secret to success... never stop learning!  We will not only share what we've learned thus far, we will allow you to walk with us while we embark on new ventures and implement new business strategies.  We are going to do our very best to SHOW you, step by step, how to start your own business AND make money.  We promise not to leave you with 20 pages of words that are sure to make you more confused than you were before you started reading.  (We're certain you know what we're talking about).

If you're ready to get started right away with your own website, Click Here.  For information regarding the creation of Facebook stores or Bonanza stores, please Click Here to contact us at any time!  If you already have your own website and you are looking for products to sell, we can help you with that too!  Click Here for our wholesale products.  We will ship directly to your customer for you!

We won't abandon you with instruction.  We will provide you with merchandise to sell, outlets to sell your merchandise, services to build those outlets FOR YOU and the tips and tricks that go with all of it.  So.... are you ready?  We are!  Let's Go!